All Around Skate Interview - Alvaro Bajo

Alvaro has become a little more attached to North America this year, find out how!

Rayne team rider Alvaro Bajo spent a bunch of time on the West coast this year living in California for a few months and making a quick trip up to Vancouver to visit! Let's just say he got used to it. All Around Skate asked him what it was all about, and then talked about the rest of his year which he's not too fond of. Can't wait to have you back Alvaro!

The Rayne family is really rock n roll, does your quiet personality fit?
Haha that’s a good one. Yes, sometimes I feel a little bit out of the train, I’m not a crazy party guy, but this is a small piece of the cake, and in this way I have learned to be a more flexible person and adapt to different situations, this is an important skill in life.

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