All Around Skate Interview - Ishtar Bäcklund: OPEN rider

It's always nice to hear from Ishta even if it's through someone else!

Rayne team rider Ishtar Backlund is always on the move, she's always hoping from one country to the next. This year she also had a big trip to Israel for Longboard Girls Crew Open! We haven't seen her face in a while but we're sure she'll come around sometime soon so in the meantime it's nice to see what she's been upto!

Must have been great being reunited with your Peruvian sisters!
I was stoked! Didn’t tell Marisa that I was coming and I snuck up during the first night. Maga and Rob were there as well, I love these guys so much!

Haha did she cry?
Almost, actually yes a little haha or maybe not, I don’t know. I did, a little. I’m actually trying to make a thing out of this… Another surprise is on the way!

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