Alvaro Bajo is Starting a Spanish Webzine: Set Up Magazine

Alvaro Bajo crushes it with media and now he's starting an online mag!

Rayne team rider Alvaro Bajo is starting up a new Spanish webzine with a couple friends called Set Up Magazine and were really excited to see where it's going. He always delivers amazing photos and video to us so this can't be any different! The website is looking great so far and so far just covering Spanish news in Spanish! So all the homies in Spain check it out! or those of you who speak a little Spanish. Even if you don't there is probably going to be some sweet pictures and videos to check out and there is always Google Translate. Alvaro had a couple words to explain the site!

SET UP MAGAZINE is the new online publication of longboarding in Spanish language. The site will be updated daily with the latest news, best event reports, material reviews, interviews, photo sessions, and longboard related world news. The online magazine compiles everything that has happened in the last month in a visual format with extra content.

SET UP MAGAZINE Staff, led by Alvaro Bajo (Rayne) and Aleix Gallimo (Original), consist of skaters with years of experience, integrated in the community attending the best national events and some international races. That’s why the information you will find is based on personal experience: By and for riders.

We approach all Spanish-speaking people, from beginners to experts and all kind of disciplines. So if you have something to say, do not hesitate to contact us. We will reply as soon as we get back from skating.

SET UP MAGAZINE es una publicación online en castellano sobre el mundo del longboard, tanto nacional como internacional. La web se actualiza diariamente con las últimas noticias, mejores reportajes de eventos, reviews de material, entrevistas, sesiones de fotos y artículos relacionados con la actualidad del mundo del longboard. La revista online recopila todo lo acontecido en el mes, con un formato más visual, contando con algunos contenidos extras.

El Staff de SET UP MAGAZINE lo forman patinadores con años de experiencia, integrados en la comunidad, que asisten a los mejores eventos nacionales y con algunas competiciones internacionales a sus espaldas . Gracias a esto, la información que podrás encontrar en SET UP MAGAZINE será de primera mano y basada en la experiencia: Por y para riders.

Queremos acercarnos a todas las personas de habla hispana, desde principiantes hasta expertos. Así que si tienes algo que contarnos, no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros. Te contestaremos en cuanto volvamos de patinar.



Instagram & Twitter: @setupmagazine

Make sure to check it out and let us know what you think! We'll make sure to pass on the message.