Anaconda Raw Run with Patrick Switzer

Always a good day to see a sick raw run of Patrick.

Check out this unreal run of Rayne team rider Patrick Switer shredding down a giants head like run with black pavement. His wheels just crumble under the hot sun and smooth corners.

Proud to have had the opportunity to show my own Greener Pastures Offshore with Perropro. This trip was a beautiful adventure from arrival to leaving. Camping almost every night at random picturesque road-side spots, and taking the time to get lost off the beaten track to see more than the average tourist.

Thank you to the local skaters & farmers, and Acoran especially for making us welcome.

Anaconda is in my books one of the top 5 roads in the world, and a perfect match for the style or terrain I love to challenge myself on!

There are few hard goods which can actually make you a better rider. I undoubtably can say, yes #RoninTrucks have made me a better skateboarder. If you haven't spent time riding Ronin's you don't know yet how or why this is possible.

Film / Driver: Perropro
Edit: Patrick Switzer
Music: Dream Koala - Odyssey
Spotter: Acoran Delgado Torrico