Andry “Cece” Satria – Lombok trippin

LongboardINA has been holding it down and building longboard hype across Indonesia since 2012.

LongboardINA has been holding it down and building longboard hype across Indonesia since 2012. Lombok Island has been one area where they’ve seen significant progress in growing the sport and creating a skate community. The island has hills, a solid crew, and a lot of potential in both spots and community. However, a major challenge for this budding scene is that most of them live below the higher standards of living found in larger cities. Because of these social factors, the Lombok crew has had to develop level of love and dedication to skating that is hard to find in most places just so they can stand on a board. Most of the skaters on the island have to save money for around 6 months just to get a basic downhill setup; they have even been known to use sandals for slide gloves just so they can rip runs.

The homies at LongboardINA have been helping the Lombok Crew since last year by getting them demo boards, used boards, used trucks and wheels, basically anything that can help them grow their little scene and community and expose skateboarding to Lombok. It’s not all give though, the Lombok crew keeps LongboardINA updated about their progress via social media, as well as on new hills and spots found, which is a pretty sweet deal. Recently, they’ve found some gems that enticed the LongboardINA posse back for another trip to Lombok. They sent Rayne team rider Andry “Cece” Satria and some others to go do some more exploration of Lombok to see the hills and the progress of the crew.

When Cece and the others arrived in Lombok, they were really surprised to see how far the locals had come since the last trip. More groms, more new riders, and all the crew lead by Ozzie Anwar who has dedicated himself to the small skate community. He’s the soul of the Lombok Crew, and is the driving force pushing the groms and the rest of the crew to practice, and to explore and skate new spots.


Ozzie’s selfless nature is at the heart of the small but vibrant scene. Every time he receives something from LongboardINA, or when visiting longboarders come to Lombok and give him product, he always makes sure to pass it along to the rest of the crew to share the love and keep the stoke level high; he has put the Lombok crew as his first priority ahead of himself.

On Cece’s most recent trip he saw that Ozzie been using a small, old chopped board to skate everything on, just making do as best he could with what he had. Stoked on the passion, Cece gave his own Darkside board to Ozzie so he could continue push his skill further on a board really meant to skate everything. Cece thinks the Darkside will suit Ozzie well, because he likes small boards and because it is so versatile.

Check out some of the photos from Cece’s trip. You can also find more pics and follow the exploits of LongboardINA, Cece, Ozzie, and the Lombok crew here:

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