Rayne Deelite Whip Limited Edition

With the holidays wrapping up, we know the holiday weight can be a little embarrassing. But we have tipped the scales this boxing day with the all new Deelite Whip 41. Trimming off some of the fat, this board comes in an all new Deelite foam core construction. This means we removed three channels of bamboo from the center of the board, and replaced it with a featherweight foam. This equates to a board that is lightweight, fun, and fancy!

Why you ask? Well first, we thought it would be easier to eat more holiday ham this way, without impeding on our skating abilities. The board has an extremely light right that makes pushing around town very easy. We know what you're thinking, pushing barely counts as cardio, but it still counts!

Where this board really shines, is the Deelite construction combining with the dance influenced design. When maneuverability, and quick response is the name of the game, the Deelite Whip 41 makes sure it's set for peak performance. The board has both the dexterity and agility for putting on those dancing shoes under the disco ball. 

The Deelite Whip 41 has a fully symmetrical design, with twin kicks full of pop. The board has a locked in yet forgiving concave. This enables for long sessions with tons of control, without tiring your feet. A subtle drop ties it all together to give you a ride that will feel like it's made perfectly for you. The board comes in at 41 inches long, 9.25 inches wide, and with a wheelbase of 25.5 inches long.

So with all of this design, make sure to grab another slice of ham, a little more gravy, and a second glass of egg nog when setting up the all new Rayne Deelite Whip 41. The Deelite Whip pairs best with a fully symmetrical setup. We recommend 50 degree trucks, with wheels ranging from 65mm-70mm. But let the freedom of skateboarding flow within, and setup the board however you wish! Make sure to use the hashtag #RayneRigs for us to see!


Rayne x Motion Boardshop

The limited edition Deelite Whip 41" is being released in partnership with Motion Boardshop!

Motion Boardshop is the Pacific Northwest's premier longboard skateboard shop. Their storefront is located in Seattle, WA, just north of the University Village but ship products all over the world! They're known for great customer service, fast shipping, keepin' it real, and spreading the stoke to longboard enthusiasts everywhere. They carry loads of longboard and skateboard brands, so no matter your skill level or skate style, Motion Boardshop can fulfill your longboarding wants and needs.

Check out the Whip at Motion.