Gold Rush 2010 – Update

It was an exciting day at the Gold Rush Challenge longboard race in Britannia Beach, British Columbia, Canada.


Team Rayne Longboards traveled to Danger Bay in Pender harbour this past weekend to take on the world in the 9th annual longboard competition.


The wet Wednesday afternoon in Pender Harbour created puddle filled race course for the daring racers who took on the challenge of racing on Jake’s Rash.

The Isle of Van

The Parksvillian emerges from the depths of the sea, embarking on a journey to find inner peace in the liberation of a downhill skateboard's momentum. Camera: Scott Nuttall, Riding: Nick Jean

Maryhill Freeride: Team Rayne Longboards Edition

Organized by Dean Ozuna, this event gave riders 2 days of shuttled freeriding on the curvatious smooth road, we like to call Maryhill. About 18 runs on the first day and another 16 on the second.

Longboard Study Break!

We see the protagonist in the intro fighting the urge to skateboard and keep to his studying. However resistance was futile, for soon after he succumbs to the inner desire to shred gnar...

First Annual Berkeley Slidefest

Rayne Longboards is proud to support the first annual Berkeley Slidefest. This is a one day outlaw longboard event held on November 8, 2009.