George Mackenzie ~ The Wok

George is usually out shredding hills but over the winter he spent a fair bit of time indoors at Flatspot.

2014 Races and Events

Things are getting complicated this year when it comes to choosing events because so many overlap! Hopefully this info will make sure you get to all the ones you want to!

Super Mango Clinic 2014

Rayne team rider Patrick Switzer will be in the Philippines soon to host an amazing clinic. Check out what it's all about.

Dalua Downhill on Netflix!

After years of hard work and dedication Rayne team rider Douglas Dalua and the Zeppelin crew has made it onto Netflix!

Skatesgiving: Boarderland

Check out Rayne team rider George Mackenzie in the newest Skatesgiving! He flows down the hill with such ease and natural style, hands up or down.

Rayne Longboards: RV Life

Awhile back myself and three other rayne team riders ventured out to the secret land of the giant for an epic filming and skateboarding adventure...