Product Updates, Exclusive Tours, and The 15th Annual Seawall Cruise

We are extremely excited to announce the Rayne Chop shop Tour taking place end of August early September.

Graham Buksa, bossman and lead engineer here at rayne is visiting four shops; Royal Boardshop, Longboard Haven in Canada, while making his way to the USA to visit Daddies Board Shop and Carve Skate Shop. 

He will be offering full chop tutorials where you can bring in a drawn shape and have the chance to win a free template to cut yourself with the supervision of Graham himself.

Mark your local shops tour dates on your calendar!

The 15th Annual Seawall Cruise Thanks to Coast Longboarding

The 15th annual Seawall Cruise went down on Sunday, tons of good vibes, sun, and even some coast medals were handed out.

With a great attendance we filled the seawall with skaters and had an amazing time on a beautiful vancouver day, thanks again Coast Longboarding and Striker for organizing such awesome events year after year.