Cruiser Longboards

Fine tuned for carving.

Carving is and always will be one of the most enjoyable parts of longboarding. Taking your board out to your local park and just carving your heart out while enjoying the scenery is still something that never gets boring, no matter whether you’re a cruiser or a seasoned downhiller. For this reason, Rayne Longboards has a finely engineered suite of carving longboards to suit all your cruising needs.

Rayne’s carving boards have a very unique feel to them.  Because of the construction made of fiberglass and vertically laminated bamboo, the decks are snappy, flexible, but also friendly enough that they won’t bounce you off out of a powerful carve. The pretensioned fiberglass also gives you incredible energy return, so you won’t be carving yourself to a stop anytime soon.

Four unique cruiser longboards in the Rayne arsenal.

The Forge

The board that started it all. One of our most reiterated cruiser longboards ever, this is really the perfect cruising/carving board for someone who wants to take things chill and enjoy the board underneath their feet. Also great for dancing and freestyle.

The Flight

A top performing drop through longboard with similar elastic flex to the Forge, but more stable. Incredibly fun to carve on and an essential board for commuting.

The Anthem

A great fast carving, hard charging cruiser longboard. For someone who wants to skate everything, the stiff rocker platform, kicktail and massive wheel clearance from the Fatbottom construction make this a very versatile deck. The Anthem is a great choice for the budget conscious longboarder looking to get into downhill skateboarding.

The Libido

We took the simple idea of cruising and went overboard. The result? A longboard deck that cradles your feet, hugs curves and is perfect for garage racing.