Czech that Rayne!

The Rayne team out in Czech Republic is always killing it.

We got a sweet video from the Czechs the other day and it's a banger! Lots of sliding, a big ol' bank, some good filming and editing, very solid. It's taken about a year for everything to come out but thats alright things take time. Sit back and enjoy Rayne team riders Dominik Janoušek and Jaroslav 'Vincenzo' Kejř crushing Prague.


One year old video of Czech Rayne Team riders Dominik Janoušek and Jaroslav 'Vincenzo' Kejř riding in Prague.

The footage has been made a year ago - 2013. Despite all the technical problems it finally come to light!

Miroslav Jirásek
Dan Chebotarev

Dominik Janoušek

John Soulcox - I Have Been Here Before

Special thanks
John Soulcox and Tomáš Husa