Dave Helmer ~ The Wok

Dave Helmer is one gnarly guy here's his Flatspot intro video.

Dave Hlemer is our resident gnarly trick skater he's also on the Flatspot Longboards team! If you guys haven't seen it yet they have a wok, a pretty big one at that and Dave crushes it on his Rayne Homewrecker.

Dave is a Vancouver local who goes big. His mustache is 2 years old. For real. Don't mess with Dave, mostly cause he's just so nice there's no real reason too.

Here are some true facts about Dave:

This one time Dave lived in a cave for 6 six week licking slime off the walls for moisture. All just so he could build the will power to hit a big gap.

Dave was once struck by lightning, but he just harnessed the energy to grow all his hair at once.

Dave is king of a faraway land called KONA, where all citizens are required to serve in the gullwing army and it raynes urethane. He bathes only in cash in this far away land.

This one time Dave skated our bowl. . . . and it was awesome!

He is an official chef of the wok.