Dave Helmer Wins King of Kona

We've never met a gnarlier dude than Dave Helmer and he deserves to be called the King of Kona!

King of Kona was an insane ride for those who went down, a weekend of 24 hour park skating is enough to stoke anyone out and that's exactly what this event is. Lots of you probably haven't herd of Dave Helmer yet but his name is going to be coming up a lot more this season. He's big into street/ park and does all your best tricks on a Homewrecker... That's right 40 inches!

Anyways he won King of Kona along with $1000 in 1's while he was down in Florida and deserved it. The day after the comp he had to be pushed around the airport because he couldn't walk anymore. Now he's off for a long vacation in Nicaragua but you can bet he'll be back!

Photo cred goes to Olivier Bashonga!

Make sure to also check out these videos from the event: