Downhill Longboards

Deadly fast top mounts

Rayne downhill longboards are engineered to be sturdy, steadfast and stable for all your fast downhill needs. Whether it’s a Canadian mountain pass or your friendly local slope, these downhill boards are perfect for locking you in to keep your tuck going for a long time. They’re also great for going sideways for those fast drifts that you need to control your speed before that hairpin!

Downhill Longboard is Rayne’s specialty. Most of Rayne Lineup is designed so that it can be taken down heavy mountain roads and still be proficient at freeride. For example, the Elevation Series is the premier suite for downhill longboards produced at the Rayne factory in Vancouver. If you’re considering a downhill board you might also consider Darkside series. Combining Radial drops, 3 stage rocker and a kicktail, these boards give you landmarks for foot placement and an awesome radial concave that you can use for downhill, freeride and all-around town. If you are considering a downhill board, but also want to make big, easy drifts and slides, check out the Gateway series. These drop through and double drop longboards are low, stable and rockered. Not only are they amazing for pushing for extremely long distances, they are also a perfect match for your downhill and sliding needs. If you want to improve your slides and go the distance, pick one up.