Enzo Long Treks Mini

Rayne is launching the new Enzo Long Treks Mini deck to support Paul Kent and his familly!

Raising children is one of the most difficult things you can choose to do in life. Among skateboarding across the Andes, setting 24-hour endurance records, winning skateboard marathon circuits, being a parent is a pretty tough job.

Since the birth of Enzo in 2012, the Kent-O’Neill family have had a lot on their plate. Enzo’s connective tissue disorder is very rare, and unfortunately treatments have been a huge expense to the family. Let’s just say at least $2000/month and Paul having to work in the bone chilling north of Alberta to support 2 kids and wife Rachael, meanwhile Rachael is back and forth to the hospital with Enzo and finding childcare for their younger daughter.

Rayne has a very special relationship with the Kent-Oneill family. Their contributions to the sport have blown our minds and kept us on our toes.

We want Enzo to grow up and be a super hero like his mom and dad, but also to have a normal childhood like every kid deserves. The community has shown huge support to make this reality amongst all the odds, Rayne wants to be a big part of it.


On July 25th the Kent-Oneill family are holding a fundraiser “Kicking the Darkness” in Calgary. You’re able to read more about it and donate directly to the cause at this website

Of course, one other way you can donate to the cause is by buying one of these Special Edition Enzo Long Treks Mini!

All proceeds of this sale go directly to Paul’s family. We’ve partnered with Spacecraft to bring you a free Bearded Scout Mask with each purchase! This graphic is based off of a vintage photo of a baby who had a rare condition making him supernaturally strong. We believe that once Enzo tramples these alien forces he will become a supernatural child of unformidable capabilities.


Price: Deck $225.00 + Scout Mask $25.00 = $250 - All Profits go to Enzo's Family

Scout Mask


Click Here to check out the specs of the Enzo

Team Enzo Facebook page

Fundraiser page