Event Coverage: Alpenrauschen 2017

This particular course was 5km long with hairpins, tucking sweepers, barely gripable corners, and fast sections up to 90km/h. Not only did they find an amazing track, they sorted food and accommodation for 200 skaters in a few hotels at the top of the mountain.

Every day was a nice sleep in and late start with breakfast ready in the hotel by 9am, and runs starting at 11am. Each day there were 7-8 runs (if you could do them all). Shuttles were air conditioned coach busses with enough space that only a few people were left standing.

If you wanted to there was a nice restaurant at the top of the course for beer and food, or you could skate straight through. On the last run you grabbed your bag jumped back in the bus and headed for the top! Once you were there it was a grueling 10 minute walk to the hotel, which could have been a beautiful short hike if it weren't for the pain in your legs from skating 40km+ of downhill. After eating some provided chow and taking a hot shower it was time to drink!

At the end of it all everyone worked super hard and put on a dope show! Huge thanks to Big Mountain Skate and the volunteers for giving us an amazing 4 days of skating. For those of you who have never been to Austria you should probably make the trek. It's a different level of beautiful, mountains, rivers, lakes, and trees everywhere you look! Not to mention more hills than you could ever skate.