Freeride longboards

Free your soul

Freeriding is one of the central parts of longboarding as a sport. Whether it’s long, fast skids down the local steep hill or pulling a few switches on your way to the store, slides will always be a part of a longboarder’s quiver of tricks to do.

Rayne is particularly well known for our innovative freeride concaves; unique and effective for how simple they are, and are in no way obtrusive to your personal style. With our bamboo composite construction and pressed-in wheelwells nasty wheelbite and weight won’t ever be a problem. The Darkside series is the premier suite of Rayne longboards for your freeride needs. It includes the Brightside, Darkside, and Otherside; identical concaves, just scaled up and down in size to accommodate for people’s different sizes and wheelbase preferences.

The Brightside

The smallest, and many would say it’s also the most versatile as a board that you can take out slashing and freeriding. Its small size allows the rider to make small, short, and snappy slides on your favorite neighborhood bank, but it still has that delicious darkside concave to hold you in for your next longest slide attempt.

The Darkside

The regularly sized board of the three in this series. It’s the most versatile as a downhill and freeride hybrid, as its medium wheelbase gives the riders stability and downhill prowess, where at the same time allowing for those big slides fit for a king.

The Otherside

For those bigger riders who feel that the Darkside is still too small, or for riders who love the Darkside concave and yet love large wheelbases.