Get Lifted - New Rayne Longboards Elevation Series

The 2016 Elevation Series is here, and it's nothing to joke about - serious speed-bread top mounts that are ready to crush lines, lay down thane and shred any hill in their path. All of our Elevation series decks feature our signature Fatbottom Construction (saves weight, creates the biggest natural wheelwells on the market!) Bamboo cores and Speed-Stiff Pretensioned Triaxial Fiberglass.


If you liked the GMack, the Exorcist will slay you. Built with the same ergonomic concave features of the GMack, the Exorcist has been trimmed down to 34” x 9.5” to reduce weight and improve edge feel.



A bond so tight you just can’t stop thinking about it. We’ve been working on this board for over a year and love, love, love it! We do everything together. We go ride the bowls, the street and the hills. Sometimes we get crazy, we put on our leather suits and go racing. We do everything together!

The Bromance features micro drops, a mellow rocker and kick tail. Get your own - this ones mine!


The Genesis is the yin to the Bromance’s yang. We couldn’t make a rockered micro-dropped topmount and not have a version that included Pleasure Dome. In contrast to the Bromance, the Genesis packs in the features and takes cues from the rest of the Elevation Series.  Featuring a micro dropped, rockered platform, a mellow Pleasure Dome and wheel flares,  the Genesis has a very natural feel and is quickly becoming a team favourite.


One of our most winning race decks of all time. Designed by Patrick “ninja moves” Switzer, the Fortune and Misfortune have a unique Radial Concave and 4D Cups for your front and back feet to provide you with built-in toe stops and tons of leverage for grip and control.
These two classic shape boards get a facelift with new graphics for 2016 by Tim McDonaugh.


Also new to the regular lineup is the Libido. Designed to grip and rip at Maryhill, the Libido is also becoming a go to board in the garage racing community. Featuring a cam-rock profile that is cambered in the middle and rockered under foot, and spoon concaved standing zones this board delivers the perfect mix of grip and ergonomics in a price conscious package. And with a ton of mounting options, the Libido easily converts to a functional city cruiser that will stuff into a locker and not arouse the contempt of your fellow transit commuters.

Check all the new goodness at, and get yourself Elevated today!