Hazard Magazine - Chela on the Road

Rayne team chiquita Chela recently made it into Hazard Magazine.

Rayne team chiquita Chela Giraldo recently made it into Hazard Magazine. Check it out below! and continue reading for the English translation.

For me my longboard is not only my happiness, is also my dream, my lifestyle.
My skateboard has given me the opportunity of meeting so many people, new places, wonderful landscapes. It gives me joy, happiness, sorrow, pain, bumps, scratches, and so many pieces of clothing. But it has taught me the value of enjoying the silence, being happy with my own actions, and be proud of myself as I had never felt it before.
I try to skate every day, I want to be better and push all my limits all the time. I love what I can do and I always find new challenges for me.
These are ones of the many reasons why I love skating. I feel that longboarding has made me grown as a person and to be more mature.
2013 has been a great year, I've learned a lot of things during this tour. I also 1st place in the Colombian Downhill ranking. I want to continue doing this, it makes me happy