Interview with Patrick Switzer

Justin Readings interviewed Patrick Switzer about the Festival de la Bajada in Colombia, the release of the Rayne Misfortune and a bit of Greener Pastures.

JR- Hey Pat you were just in South America and you were racing Festival de la Bajada, you made it to finals but crashed, what happened?

PS- Well I was in the finals, got top qualifier so I was feeling good; like I had the opportunity to win. Off the start Kevin and Byron worked together to get out front, I had a tough time finding a place to pass, yet was finding opportunities. About halfway down the course carving for one of the sweepers hoping to set up a pass in the next section I hit a ripple in the road, a bump, something and got tossed off my board.


JR- Wow thats a quick change 1st ranked IDF and top qualifier by 2 seconds to maybe not racing the rest of the year, hopefully things change for the best in the next week and your back on board!

Lets talk a bit about some things we’ve been doing around here now! We just released a video of you, and a run of DeeLite Misfortunes. So lets get into that.

When did you start designing the Misfortune and why did you make it?

Last fall Graham and I started talking about it. I had always wanted to make a board that would not only work for me, but also for kids and ladies… Not everyone has a size 12 foot.

Whats different about the Misfortune?

PS- Mostly its just a smaller scaled down version of the fortune. It’s shorter, narrower, tighter concave, with smaller wheelbases. The 4D cups are also closer together. It’s a lighter and and more nimble Fortune.


JR- Sick, lots of people seemed to be stoked with smaller boards these days! What are you using the board for most?

PS- Its really a fun board for anything lower speed where you’d want a smaller board, sliding

alleys, riding down funky technical roads, pushing around. I’ve rode all over its a hell of a lot of fun, I really enjoy it.

It definitely takes a little bit of extra confidence when you’re a big guy with big feet to push it sideways but the liveliness of it makes it a lot of fun.

JR- Yeah it really seems like it would be a good board for everything! I guess we can even see that in the video. You pretty much hit all of the spots you mentioned. I guess its worth asking do you have a favorite spot in the video?

PS- Vancouver is an interesting place because the terrain changes so much so its hard to say that one place is your favourite because really you enjoy so many different types of riding. I like more of the capitol hill style with lots of alleys, steep roads, nice corners, funky pavement, and weird transitions.

One of the things the video didn’t show was riding seylynn bowl, that was a bit ridiculous.

JR- Yeah Vancouver is great for being pretty diverse! I guess now that you’ve been pretty much everywhere it would be cool to see how Vancouver rates next to the rest of the world. Is it still one of your favourite places to skate or is it pretty tame compared to the rest of the world?

PS- I’d say Vancouver is more tame than some the best spots in the world but there isn’t really anywhere else in the world where you can get such a mix, so easily accessed. In one day you can ride everything, all over the city, even with public transit.

JR- Totally! I still love living here. Before I let you go, whats up with Greener Pastures? Whens the next one coming? Is it coming? Where?

PS- I would like to do another Greener Pastures but I haven’t considered when or where or how at this point. I would definitely like to if the industry wants it. Maybe now in the off season is a good time to put it in front of the people who may want to support it. I guess an interesting thing to see would be who people think the riders in the next one should be?

Dee-lite Misfortunes are getting made at the factory right now and will start shipping on Friday October 17th! Dee-lite models are 15% lighter than normal production boards making them extremely easy to slide, drift, initiate turns and accelerate, giving you ultimate control. Pre-order your Dee-lite at here or check your favourite skate shop, they will be available through the finest retailers in Canada and the USA very soon.


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