Kyle Wester Teutonia Raw

I think it’s fair to say that every individual gets something different out of skateboarding, but there are also factors that unite us as a group and as a community.  Standing sideways and going fast is one thing we can all share.

The Teutonia race in Brazil has been called the fastest race in the world; with not much in the way of corners, it’s easy to see why this is such a fast track.  Rayne team rider Kyle Wester really likes to go fast.  In this raw run from last year’s Teutonia race, Kyle hits a top speed of 74mph (119 kmh) – my first car couldn’t go that fast.  Most people can’t wrap their heads around what it means to hit these kinds of speeds on a skateboard, others like Kyle can’t imagine not.

Watch Kyle Wester go fast, and get inspired to get out and hit your favorite spots this weekend.



Kyle Wester

Rayne Kyle Wester Vandal

Kyle Wester


Kyle Wester Vandal Specs and Features:

rayne longboards Kyle wester vandal

Length       - 37"
Width         - 10"
Wheel Base - 25.75" / 26.5" or 27.25"

Sharp Edges- Final touch for locked in feet.
Vert-Lam Bamboo Core- Stronger than steel, light like a feather.
Pre-tensioned fibreglass- Adds long life, durability, strength and energy return.
Sublimated Artwork- Scratch-resistant ink is tattooed into the deck.
Speed-stiff- Don’t get bounced! Stiff boards will make you stable at high speeds.
3D Wheelwells– Fight against nasty wheelbite and keep your feet in place.

3D Gas Pedals– Find your feet and leverage without looking down. Ideal for freeriding.
Deep Tub Concave– Designed to cup the toes and heels for quick, precise turns.
Universal Variable Top Mounting- Lets you pick the wheelbase that works best for you.
Bee Orange Finish -Smells good, taste great, and seals and protects your board without harmful chemicals.

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