Long Treks on Skate Decks Episode 2: Sand Storms of Peru (2)

Long Treks on Skate Decks, with the support of Rayne Longboards and Orangatang Wheels, is proud to present the latest installment of their Peru y Bolivia escapades–Episode 2.Follow Paul, Aaron and Adam as they skate the desert-coast of Peru, feverishly battling mirages, heat stroke, and sunburns; all the while fueling themselves with savory cookies and watery watermelons. Struggling to keep spirits high and save energy, they resort to communication in simple hand signals and primitive noises. Unfortunately, bad-timing causes them to become trapped in a city at night with no place to sleep, and they are forced to bed-down in the crops of a local farmer’s field.

“Episode 2 is filled with exhaustion and general fatigue. It is just so stinkin’ hot in this desert; it is clear that our bodies are sore and very tired from skating. We end up taking this super-long break under some random shady spot that we find in the desert–just sit there forever not wanting to leave or go back out into the inferno-heat of the day. We are going through water extremely fast and almost run out. Then we arrive at this random snack shop in the middle of nowhere and take another long rest because we are just so danged exhausted–Aaron plays his ukulele and Paul sleeps for a bit. This episode actually has more personality to it than you’d expect. In our exhausted delirium we begin talking to the camera more and engaging with the people around us. I love our little pit stop, and us playing with the 2 small children and the family showing us their farm. We look so dirty and tired, and the hard part has not even begun yet. . .” Adam, Aaron, and Paul