Rayne Longboard Wheels

Wheels are built around purpose. Whether it’s cruising, fast downhill or sliding around, there is a wheel for it. The tricky part is just finding the wheel that suits your needs the best. A downhill wheel won’t work great for freeride, and vice versa.

Envy Series

Envy Series Rayne thane in freeride favorite round-lipped shapes. Envy wheels make it easy to break-out, hook-up and control your steez. One set and you’ll be filming edits and lookin for sponsors!

Lip profile: Round
Finish: Stone Ground

Lust Series

Lust Series Rayne thane poured into one of the industry’s classic shapes. Tons of grip and effortless, chatter-free drifting control.

Lip profile: Square
Core Set: Centre
Finish: Factory Polish

Round 1: Prototypes

Check out our first small-batch run of wheels featuring a new Rayne Thane that gives smooth buttery slides, tons of control and is extra durable.

Lip profile: Asymmetric shape, rounded lips
Core Set: Almost Center Set
Finish: Stone Ground