Longboarding: 30 Sec. of GNAR W/ Andrew Schumaker

Andrew Schumaker is an all-around shredder. Check out 30 seconds of heelsides!

Rayne team rider Andrew Schumaker shreds a corner a ton of different ways in 30 seconds. Check out the video on the Vicious Grip channel.

Skateboarding is all about having fun. Sometimes it's nice to just session a local spot and hike back to the top with your friends. Vicious Team rider Andrew Schumaker is no stranger to the hills of Southern California. Check out a quick 30 seconds of gnar as "Schu" rallies a fun righty on a sunny California day!

Andrew's Setup
Vicious Grip
Rayne - Darkside
Paris - 169 Street Trucks
Divine - 78a Street Slayers