Downhill Longboards

Top performing longboards for speedfreaks and freeriders. Feature our stiffest construction using Fatbottom construction. These decks are true evolutions in deck design with unprecedented ergonomic performance. Next level shit!

Freeride Longboards
Darkside Series

Hybrid, skate-anything freeride decks that combine rocker, radial drops and kicktails to get up over and around everything and anything.

Push & Freeride Longboards
Gateway Series

Double Dropped, Rockered decks for pushing your limits and long distances.

These decks reward riders of all skill levels.

Flow Series

Fun lightweight decks for pushing, cruising, pumping and dancing.

Dance & Freestyle Longboards

Twin, rockered decks with supple, predictable flex and lots of pop from the kicktails.

Slide Series

High-Tech Street Decks that minimize weight, maximize pop and durability.

Mini Cruisers

Cruise around town on our high-performance mini longboards.