Exorcist Carbon DeeLite Longboard – Deck or Complete


Complete comes with
-Atlas Utlralight 50* 180mm Trucks
-Vicious Griptape
-Rayne Stoopid Fast Bearings + Precision Spacer Kit
-Rayne 70mm Envy Stoneground Longboard Wheels


Exorcist – CARBON Deelite

Length            – 34″
Width             – 9.5″
Wheel Base  – 24.25” / 26.25”
Weight           – 1325 grams +/- 25 grams (30% Lighter than our standard Exorcist Deck)

*** Our Carbon Deelites are being made in a very limited run on Darkside, Genesis, Demonseed and Exorcist decks only. We bought a special stock of Carbon Fiber for these boards and because of this, we are making these boards to order to preserve the limited stock we have on hand. We have pre-made a few of each of these boards, however most boards will be made to order and orders containing these boards may take up to 1 week to be ready for shipping.

If you liked the GMack, the Exorcist will slay you. Built with the same ergonomic concave features of the GMack, the Exorcist has been trimmed down to 34” x 9.5” to reduce weight and improve edge feel. We’ve increased the available wheelbase options, making for an even more versatile deck.

The Exorcist is a symmetrical downhill longboard with aggressive concave for high speed freeride and downhill longboarding. Within the Rayne lineup, it is one of the stiffest and most “locked in” feeling skateboards we make.

The symmetrical concave features an ovalized radial drop into a rockered platform that features two unique Pleasure Domes, with no W-concave in the centre of the board for easy & comfortable pushing.

Wheelbases range from 24.25″ – 26.25″ the exorcist offers the nimble ride desired for lower speed freeriding with the option of moving your trucks out to the widest wheelbase for a speed ready downhill and freeride machine. We’ve placed the wheelbase mounting holes in the perfect location to allow riders to get their feet nested right over their wheels, maximizing control. With our Fatbottom construction, the Exorcist has awesome wheel clearance.



Rayne’s Dee-Lite construction decks are the lightest and strongest production longboard decks on the market today. Our proven layup has survived punishing trips across continents and has won the World Cup – multiple times!


2016’s Deelite Longboards are now even better!  We’ve further optimized our core profiling to make Deelites even lighter in comparison with existing lightweight bamboo construction and previous Deelites.




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