mini cruiser longboard 26"x7.55" wide
mini cruiser longboard by rayne longboards comes with 65mm 75a wheels and 5" TKP carving trucks
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Mammoth Mini Cruiser


Length: 26″
Width: 7.65″
Wheelbases: 15″

Completes are assembled with 65mm 75a Stoneground wheels, Grip Tape, 5″ Traditional Kingpin Trucks and Abec 5 bearings.


Is it possible to call a mini cruiser high-performance? We think so.

Built with shredding and versatility at it’s core, our mini cruiser longboards are purpose built and supremely fun. It’s small enough to stuff in a locker, backpack, or the luggage rack on a plane, but fully functional for ripping around town or even a couple laps at the skatepark.

The Popsicle mini cruiser is  super durable, waterproof, torsionally stiff and has wicked amounts of pop for your ollies. We used our classic bamboo core and a mix of tri-axial and pre-tensioned bi-axial fibreglass pressed in the Rayne Catalyst  skateboard mould to give you an extremely capable mini for any quest you embark on.

Assembled with 5″ wide traditional kingpin trucks with 85a bushings and soft 65mm longboard wheels to roll over whatever gets in your way, the Popsicle Mini will be your new go to board because it’s so damn fun. Get on one today and see what the fuss is about.

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