Max Ballesteros Second at Barrett Junction

Max killed it his first time at Barrett and took Second place home!

Rayne team rider Max Ballesteros took home second this weekend at one of the longer running races out there, Barrett Junction. It's been sanctioned before but now it's straight outlaw in the middle of nowhere! Barrett is one of those roads that takes quite a while to learn, tons of holes, lots of cracks, and just a couple passable lines so it's a really hard hill to race. Max wrote us a few words about the weekend!

We packed the Muir Skate van and headed down south of San Diego, near the border of Mexico

to race one of the oldest and most badass outlaws on the scene. This hill is legendary there had been races from back in the day sanctioned by the EDI, Biker Sherlock, and later even some IGSA World Cup races in the early 2000's. I had seen videos before, but once we got there and drove down the hill I was shocked of how bad the pavement really was!

When arrived there was already a large crew at the bottom of the hill where some riders were with their suits on and ready to start the first day of freeriding and practice. I was amped to take the first run and feel what it was like to bomb that hill. So soon enough we unloaded the whole van and started shuttling runs!

First run I took it really slow and tried to keep my eyes open for the bigger wholes and the good lines, gladly I made all the way down to the bottom and was ready to try to go faster. Took a second run following one of the legends John Rodgers and found some better lines after that. The rest of the day was filled with faster and faster runs, dirt bikes, gun's, beer, laughs and good times!!

We camped out at the Barrett Junction cafe about a mile down the road, had some fish and chips and rested up for the next day. We woke up and had an all you can eat breakfast, after that we headed back to the hill and gladly that day wasn’t as hot as the day before, there were lots of clouds in the sky and I was thankful because winter in Socal is almost like summer in other places.

We started taking some warm up runs, about 3 while Joe Marshall was raffling heats. There were about 30 riders, and we were ready to race!
I was feeling good and was racing Zak Maytum and other fast riders on the first heat already, ended up winning the first and second round which had 5 riders each, leading me into a 6 man final. My tactics continued the same, take the top section safe where the sharper corners are and bomb really fast the bottom drafting and hopefully taking the lead.

During the final I pushed out in third behind Colorado riders Zak and Aswag, took safe lines and started chasing them down, by half way down I already had a good draft and was just waiting for the right moment to pass, on the final straight Zak and Aswag were battling for first, so I got a double draft and passed right in between them for the lead, I had the finish line in my sight when all of a sudden Tim Del Rosario got that 3 man wide draft and passed everyone winning the Outlaw. He definitely knows the hill well and made the right move at the last second, congrats to him!

Anyways I was stoked with 2nd and to have walked away without a scratch, it was a good experience and I'd do it again!! Barrett fucking Junction!! Super badass outlaw, whoever has the chance should come out next time!!

Big thanks to Jarod Roy for a couple of those snaps!