Rayne - New Spring 2016 Boards

Getting the year started on the right foot (or left if you skate regular) is always important, that's why here at Rayne we're getting the year rolling with an all new Gateway Series and a graphic update to the iconic and trend setting Darkside Series.  

gateway_series_sideprofile_rayne  rayne_nemesis_v3_bottom_800x800

The Gateway Series - Demonseed, Nemesis, Reaper, Vendetta - are now all drop thru boards, and have also received some size tweaks.  Additionally the linear drops on the Demonseed, Nemesis, and Reaper have been reduced to 0.75" in the standing platform.  The result is a series of boards that are stable at speed, have easy slide initiation, and are low to the ground for comfort when long distance pushing and commuting.  The new Rocker platforms throughout the series also help give riders improved ergonomics and comfort, and more grip underfoot to make rotational slides smoother.  The Vendetta also received a construction upgrade to Rayne's signature Fat Bottom core for 2016 and Micro Radial Drops, adding tech and value to a proven shape.

nemesis_concave Rayne_reaper_anglesvendetta_concave

The Darkside Series - Brightside, Darkside, Otherside - continue to be favourites for riders of all skill levels who want to skate everything.  These hybrid boards have high-control downhill ergonomics and functional natural feeling kicktails to get up, over and around anything.  All the same favourite features that have given these boards their reputation continue on into 2016 - Rocker, Speed Stiff, Radial Drop. Spring 2016 brings a facelift with a new graphic series from returning artist Caleigh Illerbrun.  Once you go Darkside, you never go back...

brightside_mailer darkside_mailer Otherside_mailer