Our Ollitecture panels in London England

Skateboarders are notoriously industrious individuals.  Much of the time this is born out of the need to find a solution for problems that don’t exist for non skateboarders, or because the available solutions are inadequate, too expensive, or don’t fully meet the requirements of what we need.  Other times the problem to solve is what to do the leftovers after we’ve built what we need.

Biggie Boss Graham Buksa has tackled many projects and solved many problems after a decade of Rayne; one of  these brain ticklers has been what to do with off cuts and and ‘garbage material’ that is an inevitable side product of skateboard manufacturing.  Enter Ollitecture wall panels.  Made from bamboo off cuts that happen during the skateboard production process, these wall tiles can be printed with a variety of patterns and graphics and installed to custom size specifications.


Recently, Canada House in London, England got a facelift renovation that includes a rounded in-house bar/cafe finished with Ollitecture panels.  The Canada House is the High Commision’s new home in Trafalgar square and is the hub for Canada’s diplomatic activity in the UK.  Renovation specifications from international design firm Stantec required building materials made in Canada and BC-Based EcoFloorStore  recommended Ollitecture product for the project since it  is both Canadian made, beautiful and recycled .



If you look close you can see portions of 2012 Supreme board graphics.  Keep your eyes peeled, you never know where Ollitecture might pop up next.

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