Patrick Switzer A Year in Review

Patrick did an unnamable amount of stuff this year so we asked him to go over just a few!

After the new year rolled around Patrick had just released GP2, crushed a couple races, and come back from being on Top Gear Korea. We figured it was time to grill him about the choices he made. Some would say it was a pretty eventful year but it wasn't one without some sacrifices. Check out what Patrick has to say about his year:

This year was a busy one with the filming and release of Greener Pastures Offshore video series, a five month international race tour from April to September and finishing my Mechanical Engineering Design Diploma at BCIT in the fall.

It was difficult to pull myself away from finishing the first IDF race season to finish my diploma. From the start, furthering my education seemed like it would keep me away from skating, yet it did just the opposite. It was the best thing I could have done. I even had the opportunity to quickly visit South Korea and film with Top Gear Korea and local Rayne team rider Jaqusang. Having only one term remaining I'll be back ready for the 2014 race season.
Quite happy to release another Greener Pastures series to the world. Offshore has been another exciting challenge, and the project has grown up significantly since the Swiss series thanks to our team! The feedback I've received from the public and industry has been very gratifying. Especially to hear the opportunities it has created for those involved in the project. So to that I give my thanks to all for watching, sharing and allowing the inspiration to grow beyond our imaginations!
Suffice to say I'm not happy seeing myself in the IDF 7th position after being top three for four years.
Understandably my personal commitments came at a cost in 2013. Though with five wins at Maryhill FOS, Skylands, Almabtrieb, Catalina and SDDRL #47, my racing showed consistency in and outside of IDF events. Also, I am proud to have joined the EDGE Boardshop, Ronin Trucks and Holesome Pucks teams, and for the release of my pro model Triple Eight helmet and Rayne Fortune "Signature Board".
All in all I am happy to have had another successful season. 2014 began in an exciting way with a recognition from my hometown of Hanover, Ontario for my accomplishments in longboarding.
Looking forward to an even better 2014!
Thanks to Jon Huey for the rad shot!