Patrick Switzer Second at Peyragudes Never Dies

The last event of the Euro Tour is over and Patrick is still on top!

This past weekend at Peyragudes Rayne team rider Patrick Switzer snuck into second place on a big man's course. Were stoked to see that after the entire Euro Tour Rayne team rider is still number one in the IDF rankings! He's still got quite a few races ahead of him so he'll need to keep it up but for now he's safe.

A bunch of other Rayne team riders were also out this weekend and special mention goes to Philipp Schickor who got taken out in juniors but made it all the way to top 16 in Open!!

There's a bunch of photos and videos already floating around from the event, the above are from Will Edgecombe (cover) and Holger Schickor (album). Thanks a bunch guys.

A couple videos are in our Steez section as well, here is number one: IDF Peyragudes Never Dies 2014 - day 1

You can also check out Patricks thoughts on the event and its future on his website: Peyragudes _____ Dies?, IDF World Cup