Patrick Takes Whistler Longboard Festival

Over the weekend a bunch of the Rayne team was up at Whistler Longboard Festival.

This year's Whistler Longboard Festival was an event people dream of! Few delays, lots of runs, free and cheap food, and a big party. While the weather wasn't ideal you couldn't have asked for things to go any smoother.

The Rayne team was out in full force this weekend on both the lurking and racing fronts! Our BC roots really came in handy this weekend because it rained all of race day, it threatened to dry up a few times but only got somewhat patchy at best. Patrick Switzer put another win under his belt and has bumped himself up to first on the current IDF Rank with his success at Maryhill as well. We also watched Rayne team grom Kurtis Scott swoop a second in juniors!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next few days as there is sure to be some epic footage!