Prototyping the Rayne Forge

Rayne Longboards and Reese Boyko – Prototyping the Rayne Forge

At Rayne we are always looking ahead to create new things and tweak existing ideas; sometimes it just happens that new things come out of old ideas.  We have been prototyping a new Forge that will be back in the line in our holiday catalog and will be shipping to stores in October.  While working out the particulars of the new board, we had some of our Rayne riders to test the new iteration.  This edit shows off the smooth skills of Reese Boyko giving the proto hell, and another slick video from Newman Productions.

We recently gave Rayne rider Reese Boyko a prototype of our newest board in the line to put it through its paces and make sure it’s up to the challenge of daily urban adventuring.  Reese can shred anything with 4 wheels and 2 trucks, so we put this new fun stick under his feet to see where he took it.

Prototyping is all about testing our ideas to see if they are as smart under our feet as they are in our heads; part cruisy flowy board, part urban assault vehicle, the Forge is a party on wheels.  A directional shape with twin double kicks and just the right amount of flex and rebound, it’s as versatile as it is fun.  Whether you’re looking to hop, pop, dance, or slide, the Forge delivers with style.

We made the new Forge a little shorter than the original from back in the day for increased mobility, and we extended the cuts to allow for more wheel options.  The Forge easily accommodates up to 70mm wheels (or bigger depending on the setup), but Reese was rolling on our new 64mm Envy wheels while testing.

Reese Boyko

Rayne Forge Prototype, Aera K4 trucks, Rayne 64mm Envy wheels

Brock Newman

Specs and Features:
Full specs when the board drops in October 2014.