Push & Freeride Longboards

The endless journey.

Made to be sturdy, comfortable and exceptional for your long-distance push ambitions, the Rayne pushables are meant to be your go-to board for long journeys, sight-seeing trips or just your little commute to work. Concave where it counts and standing platform everywhere else, let us say one thing: These boards are the epitome of pushing comfort.

For the longest time, Rayne’s push boards have been revered as the world’s best for their lightweight construction, supremely comfortable concaves and their versatility as gear for other styles of riding; freeride and downhill included. There are three brothers: the Reaper, the Nemesis and the Demonseed.

The Demonseed

The largest one of the three almost-identical boards. It’s great for commuting and extremely long journeys, because of its extremely large standing platform and long wheelbase. On this, you’ll feel the most stable and comfortable whether you’re pushing kilometers and kilometers or bombing down your neighborhood streets. We’ll bet you that you can even fit a backpack on it!

The Nemesis

The next smaller iteration. It’s more viable for freeride, as its slightly smaller wheelbase lets you snuggle both those feet into the highly-engineered foot pockets in order to lock yourself in for those big slides. However, it’s the greatest as a push board because it’s so low to the ground and nimbler than the Demonseed.

The Reaper

The perfect college campus cruiser. It’s low to the ground, just like the rest of the series, but it’s small and compact so that you can store it under your table, against a wall or under your chair to keep it from being an obstruction. Also great for commuting to work or to the store.


A versatile pushable board that has a welcoming flex so that you can carve hard during your push to work, or maybe even bust out a few flip tricks using the small but purposeful kicktails.