Rad Train Interview - Max Ballesteros

Rayne team rider Max Ballesteros is making moves for the 2014 season! Hes now on Ronin Trucks, check the news out on The Rad Train.

Max has done a huge amount for himself in 2013 and were stoked to continue supporting him in 2014. Hes been winning races, traveling the world, and getting really good at skateboarding in general. Hes just joined team Ronin and The Rad Train did an interview with him!

JR: Saw you in Canada a lot this year, just to get every one on the same page... can you tell me why Canada events kick ass?

MB: Canadian events are rad, very ground roots, everyone's there to skate and have a good time!! The tracks are dope and the level of riders skill's are off the hook, I'd love to go back and do another tour in Canada. Races every weekend thats where its at!!

Check out the full article on The Rad Train: http://rad-train.com/max-ballesteros-and-ronin-trucks/