Rayne Deelite Elevation Series Longboards

Summer is coming and race season is starting to heat up, perfect timing for race-bred boards in Deelite construction. Elevation Series Deelites for the Genesis, Bromance, Exorcist, and Fortune are here for a limited time so get one (or one of each) while you can. At 15-20% lighter than their standard construction counterparts, the Deelite Elevation series boards are nimble underfoot, but with all the strength and stiffness needed to keep you following your line and passing chumps. We have taken the Pre-tensioned Triax glass and Fatbottom core layups that come standard in the Elevation series, and dank-ified them into Deelites using our special Rayne magic.

Get yourself a piece of the magic and order your Deelite today!

Rayne Longboards Genesis Deck in Deelite Construction Rayne Genesis Deelite three angles showing graphic, griptape and perspective angles
Rayne Longboards Bromance Deck in Deelite Construction rayne bromance deck with 4 angles showing
Rayne Longboards Exorcist Deck in Deelite Construction Rayne Exorcist Deelite Deck graphic side
Rayne Longboards Fortune Deck in Deelite Construction Rayne Longboards Elevation Series Deelite Fortune Grip graphic and side angles