Rayne Flow Rider Riley Irvine in Cali

Rayne Flow team rider Riley Irvine made is way out of the freezing Utah weather and heads for Cali!

Last time you saw Riley he was shredding down a closed road with the Devin Supertramp and Ford crew. Now he's ecaping the cold Utah winder for some epic skating in California! Here's his writeup with some epic photos and some video recap!
"The Utah winter has settled in and the battle to keep skating from being a seasonal activity has begun. Once the snow is here to stay and the best mountain roads are either closed, or snowed over! Sessions only happen on salty plowed city roads and less people end up showing for sessions. Skate trips become a necessity! Check out the photo below for an idea of the type of skating we get up to while the winter season lingers.
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(Photo cred: Bryce Brady)
The usual skate crew does their best to keep in touch to make plans for getaway trips to warmer climates. Because most of our lives dont allow for extensive travel it's usually just a quickie. In January things worked out so I was able to make it to California for two different skate trips! Although it may be hectic organizing and hitting different skate trips, the California weather makes it all worth it!
During the first week of January a group of us got on the road on the Friday night and headed for LA. Our impeccable timing landed us at the top of a run at sunrise after a 10 hour drive - Dawn patrol status.
We crashed at Skatehouse (thanks crew for hosting us!) and got the downlow on the best times to hit the best hills. With only two days left to skate we mashed in as many runs as possible. This short but sweet trip couldn't have gone any better!
Two weeks later we decided to hit the coast again for our fix of dry roads and gnarly runs. This time our destination: Barret Junction Outlaw. This race has been happening for years, and the pavement is something else with more cracks and holes than you can count, each decent is treacherous. That being said, It's a super fun event and is a blast to skate! It's a raw experience that gives you a taste of the roots of our sport, the community of skaters that show up year after year to make it happen are great!
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(Photo Credit: John Muehl)
Barret was a great time and I took tons of runs with the homies. After a gnarly day of racing fellow team mate Max Ballesteros took 2nd place!
IMG 20140126 142004 741
At the end of it all, my legs were tired, and my wheels were spent. I can't wait to get back to California, and if any of you have the chance... Take it! Thanks to Rayne Longboards, Zelous, and CONE for keeping me stoked and heping me do what I do."
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