Rayne Longboards' Ollitecture at Peter Ricq Art Show

Ollitecture was recently in an art show, Doppelganger, with Peter Ricq.

Ollitecture is a new company that uses up cycled bamboo to create interesting and unique wall panels. They feature a bunch of your favorite Rayne graphics and come in a variety of sizes! Click through for a couple examples: http://www.ecofloorstore.ca/eco-surfaces/ollitecture/

Anyways! Earlier this year Ollitecture was featured in an art exhibit, Doppelganger, with Pete Ricq. It was a pretty exciting step for Ollitecture and everything went well! Were excited to see this project grow in coming years... Imagine seeing some really rad downhill graphics in your office or a hotel lobby, not sure about you guys but it sure makes us smile just thinking about it.

Make sure to check out Peter Ricq's website! Hes got tons of interesting things going on: http://peterricq.com/