Rayne Podium at Salt Spring Slip and Slide 2014

A good crew of folks from Rayne this weekend headed over to Salt Spring Island to race and Nick Jean brought it home!

This weekend at Salt Spring Slip and Slide was wet as usual, and on top of that a little bit snowy! Despite rough conditions the first day the race went on! People were blasting down the Slasher course with snow covering their visors. Unfortunately today was just a bit too hectic, a couple inches of really wet snow meant no one could really drive anywhere, shuttles wouldn't make it up hills, and most people weren't keen on racing down a snow filled road...

Still we managed to have a good time chill out with some homies and get back home safely! The podium was filled with Rayne; team riders Nick Jean and Lukas Ziman took First and Third respectively, and Rayne homie Kelsey Macneil took second. Stoked for all especially Nick jean who's been on the podium every year since the event started.

Big thanks to Maxwell Kaye for throwing such an awesome event! Also to Alege Akolo for this sick photo.