Rayne Rain Wheels – V2

Whether you’re at a race or just ripping runs with friends, wet and patchy road can be sketchy.  Fear the sketch no longer, this spring Rayne is prepared and has a limited time offering of rain wheels!

We took our 75mm 77a square lipped race inspired Greed wheels and lathed in magic grooves to keep you going the direction you want to go – even in the rain.

When riding in the rain the road is extremely lubricated and the friction of your wheels contact patch width often doesn’t add much grip. Most of your wheel grip in wet conditions comes from the lips of your wheels and in this customization we maximized your edge hold.

We added 9 grooves – they really work!



We ran a fat groove through the wheel directly over the widest part of the core to reduce hydroplaning and provide maximum pressure to the 9 grooves.

The outer lips of the wheels also got a fresh shave on the sides to reduce drag, make the lips extra-sharp and keep you rolling fast.

Diameter     - 75mm
Durometer  - 77a – Softer wheels for maximum edge grip
Width          - 49mm

Square Lips - More lips so you can grip.
Factory Finish - Leave 'em shinny and hold on tight or break 'em in and drift all day.
Grip-set - Offset 3-star core reduces bulk for more grip and faster roll speed without giving up controlled drift.
Slide Thane - Smash out buttery, controlled slides without fear of flatspots.

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