Rayne x Daddies Board Shop Month of Insanity

The Holiday Season is upon us and in an effort to get down with the holiday vibez we thought we’d get to the giving a little early. We’re delighted to announce we’re teaming up with DaddiesBoardShop.com to give away some product for the Daddies Month Of Insanity Contest.

So while you’re giving thanks for a comfy couch to steal a few winks on after overindulging on Thanksgiving, we’ll be sending product over to Daddies Board Shop to be given away. Well, in truth, it should all be there by Thanksgiving, but there’s always loose ends to tie up around the holidays, right?
Starting November 21st, Daddies Board Shop will be placing one item in a random order $20 or over a day for their annual Month of Insanity. We’re slotted for Week 3, so if you’re interested in snagging some Rayne gear, might we suggest you order something from daddiesboardshop.com between the dates of 12/5 - 12/11. And if you want to play along without buying any gear, you can always sign up for the Daddies newsletter, or make a purchase and sign up for the newsletter a different day for two entries ;).  You will be entered for the daily prize the day you sign up. Daily prizes will be announced on the Daddies Instagram feed, Daddiesboardshop.
Here’s a list of everything we’re giving away week 3 of the Daddies Month Of Insanity contest, 12/5 - 12/11:

6 x 675mm 80a Lust Wheel. Set of 4

4 x 70mm 80a Lust Wheel. Set of 4

3 x 70mm 77a Lust Wheel. Set of 4

2 x Popsicle Mini Complete

5 x Black Vicious Grip 4pc Pack

5 x Clear Vicious Grip 4pc Pack

1 x Flight V2 - Geo Deck

1 x Anthem - Geo Dec

1 x Darkside - Blood Moon Deck
To see what item is being given away daily, follow along on Daddies Instagram #DaddiesInsanity.
For more information on the contest, head on over to Daddiesboardshop/month-of-insanity.com.
We hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit and we wish everyone the best of luck, and hope you win some free gear!