Skate Slate Interview: Kyle Wester

Kyle Wester recently joined team Rayne and is now the sales rep at NHS for Rayne so Skate Slate figured it was time for a catch up.

Kyle Wester is running Rayne for 2014 and we're pretty amped on it. Skate Slate pinned Kyle down to ask a couple questions to find out why the switch and what's going on for him in 2014.

J: What are your skate plans for 2014, are you going to keep fighting for points on the IDF race circuit?

K: Yeah, 2014 I’m doing the full deal. I leave tomorrow for Guajataka and the first World Cup Qualifying race, Ponte. I’ll be doing that for the next 11 days. After that I’ll come back and lay low and work for a bit on Rayne stuff. Then head out for Danger Bay, Jakes Rash, Gold Rush, that stuff, Whistler, then Euro tour, South America, full blown IDF schedule.

Were also stoked to have him up here for our BC races just a few short months away! Make sure to check out the full article on Skate Slate: