Switchback Longboards, Whistler Longboard Festival 2014

One of Brock Newmans greatest, Whistler Longboard Festival 2014.

Holy what a weekend that was. If you missed it you certainly should feel bad and start making plans for next year, not only does this video show you whats up with the course but what happens after the race happens and the sun goes down.

Brock Newman was filming all weekend to get some amazing shots of everything going on and this is one of the best race videos we've ever seen. If you haven't been checking out the Switchback Channel regularly you should get on it and subscribe because they are really stepping up their media game this year.

The 2014 Whistler Longboard Festival was the perfect excuse to load up our trusty (sometimes) steed Bussy for a rip out to Whistler for some DH, Skate x Shoot and party.

Shenanigans, skateboarding, guns and good times were had by all!