Team Pulse Interview: Douglas Dalua

I shared a few quick words with Rayne team rider Douglas Dalua about the new Brazilian team, Team Pulse.

Earlier this year I asked Dalua to explain a little bit about Team Pulse because we weren't really sure what it was all about. Now we do!

Hey Dalua you're now part of Team Pulse and were all wondering what is it all about?
Hey Justin! I'm on Team Pulse since July 2013. The PULSE PROJECT was created in September 2012 by four friends with different professional careers with the objective to develop the longboard skateboard in Brazil, with a new market vision, people management and technological development. Our main attraction is the approach that we market. Traditionally, Brazil is characterized by unprofessional relationships, where rules are created at the whim of situations, and are not always followed, making the planning of organizations that want to invest more consistently in our country and in our excellent riders very unstable. We want to change that.

Who is on Team Pulse? Why were they chosen?
The Pulse Project seeks to mix into our team youth talent with established athletes. Joining experience with the spirits of youngsters. Today the team consists of me, Schaberle Diego, Thiago Costa and Sergio Leonardo.

How did you decide on the team?
The Pulse Project manufactures Schuss Trucks when I chose to compete with them I decided to support and join the team pulse. The idea is to promote our sport in Brazil. The Pulse Project began with a tv documentary about Teutonia which was broadcast to all of South America that shows their commitment to the sport.

When can we expect more vĂ­deos?
For sure! This is the differential of Team Pulse we have the support of experienced professionals in video production. 2014 will be a great year.

If you're not much of a reader here are the details; Team Pulse is looking to push sponsorship in Brazil into a more professional defined direction where athletes and companies have fair and respected agreements, not random verbal agreements. They also have a new channel and video for everyone to check out, as well as a Facebook page you should follow.

Last but not least thanks to Felipe Prieto for the photo!