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Austin, TX


Vancouver, BC

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Killswitch and Ronins + Venoms of the day.

Race or Freeride, Why

Freeriding is whatever you want it to be!

Riding Since

Since ‘07

With Rayne Since

It’s been an on and off relationship. Though I’ve been working here since September 2012.

Biggie or Tupac

Biggie is a better story-teller, and Tupac is more pissed about the socio-economic situation of African-Americans. They’re both great for different reasons, but you’ll catch me bangin’ Screw more often.

Favorite Event

Kelowna Skylands is every good Texas run put together!

Favourite Food

Changes all the time, but if I had to pick between two different styles of cuisine to live off for the rest of my life I would be very torn between Japanese and Greek.

How many steamed buns is too many?

You’ll really only know over the two days after eating.

Most Important Things In Life (Other than skating)

Friends and Happiness

Worst Crash

I went into this strange off camber, decreasing radius, dusty, gravel-filled-middle lefty (my toe-side) on the first practice run of an open road outlaw that we were having in Utah. I went in too hot and when I went to hook up from my predrift… I didn’t. I slid into a guardrail at about 35mph, got spun around and involentarily was made to say “HUUHHHHNG” (which I remember thinking at the time was a very weird thing). I ended sitting up thinking I may have broken my femur. Did the old shake back and forth check on that (not reccomended for your femural artery if you leg does happen to be broken) and was stoked that that wasn’t the case! I thought I was going to be able to skate the rest of the way down the hill and come away from a crazy accident with only a bruise when I notice there was a bolt about a quarter in diameter at it’s sharpest part sticking out about a foot and a half from the wooden post and it appeared to have been recently greased. “Weird” I thought to myself… It wasn’t grease however. I’d been punctured by the blunt end of this rod all the way down to the muscle on the back side of my thigh resulting in a 6cm hole. Cool thing was, the nurses at the hostpital were very entertained watching my muscle move back and forth under my skin when I moved my leg.

Spare Time

SC2, Commuting, reading, skating.            


“You six fihve”! – DMV Lady


Don’t take other peoples advice. Base your decisions off your own experience.

Biggest Life Influence

Illusions by Richard Bach

Rainy Day

I’m probably working anyway.

Best Results

Kelowna Skylands, Brittania, Maryhill, Texas.


Rayne, Venom, Push Culture Apparel, Risch, Ronin, Zealous, Tanner’s Pinstriping.

Website/ Blog

Downhill & Trill

Shout Outs

Texas you’re killing it. Stoked scene and great events. Without that crew I wouldn’t have continued to be stoked and dedicated enough to longboarding to be where I am today.

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