Video - Cristina Mandarina Burning Wheels

Cristina Mandarina is one of our newest team members based in Spain and she SHREDS.

Rayne team rider Cristina Mandarina recently finished a video with one of the best longboard filmers, Marta Guillén. The video is called Burning Wheels and features some fancy film work, some downhill, some freeride, and pyrotechnics. Ok just some flares! But its still an awesome video.

Since we haven't done much of an intro on her we might as well give you a background now:

Her name is actually Cristina Sanchez, and she's been skating since 2010. She learned to downhill before carving, who needs to slow down anyways. Her first deck was a Vendetta from Kaina, a Spanish shop that now sponsors her. She's about to head out for a big tour of the states and I'm sure we'll see a bunch of new media. In three years she's made a lot of progress and is already traveling the world just to skate, it's pretty impressive and we're expecting to see some great things! So without further ado: