Wheelbugz South Korea Tour

Check out Part one through three of the Wheelbugz South Korea Tour.

Rayne team riders Jaqusang Jung Yun Wook and An Sung Ji headed out with the rest of the Wheelbugz crew on a bit of an adventure around the South of South Korea to visit locals, skate new spots, and film a bunch of videos! They've come together with three great videos on tons of amazing runs.

Day one we went to Busan city, they have a huge dam that we were able to skate down the side of. Later in the day we met with locals to hit a bunch of free ride spots.

Day 2 we drove about an hour from Busan city to reach Daegu city and there was some good local freeriders so we had a rad slide sessions with them. After that we moved to ride down the local hill; the pavement was so smooth and everyone was riding like that day was the last day.

Day 3 Muju Final day of trip we were tired because we had some drinks with locals. In Muju there is many technical spots with nice pavement everyone was so stoked to ride down together.