Japan | Rayne Skyline Tour Pt.4

Day 7: After our success finding the last 2 unmapped mountain roads, we were eager to try our luck again and continue searching.

Japan | Rayne Skyline Tour Pt.3

Since we get up at 5am every day, it was only 1pm by the time we’d packed our gear and started driving to Bandai-Azuma skyline.

Event Coverage: Arirang Hill Fest 2017

We Landed in Korea 5 days before the event was due to start. Unknowing of how strict Korean rental car places are, we attempted to get one without an international license... This did not work.

Event Coverage: Keeping it High 2017

Upon arrival in the Philippines our crew was treated with the best hospitality by Carl and Jaime from the United Crew. They took care of everyone and a huge props needs to go to them!

Black Friday Deals

Don’t want to stand in line this weekend, but still want to get some sweet deals on some killer gear?  Skip the crowds, keep the sweatpants on and check out Rayne's online shop for Black Friday dea

Japan | Skyline Tour Pt.5

Welcome to my personal favourite leg of the adventure. In the 4th and final segment, we knock a slew of things off the bucket list.

Japan | Rayne Skyline Tour Pt.2

I still hadn’t caught up on sleep from the Veggie High Hill after party in the Philippines, and Clayton was still jet lagged, so we slept in until 7:30am, two and a half hours past wake up time for

Japan | Rayne Skyline Tour pt.1

Finally it’s here! I’ve been dreaming about coming to skate in the land of endless mountains and general weirdness for years and now it’s on!

Rayne - New Spring 2016 Boards

Getting the year started on the right foot (or left if you skate regular) is always important, that's why here at Rayne we're getting the year rolling with an all ne

Our Ollitecture panels in London England

Skateboarders are notoriously industrious individuals.  Much of the time this is born out of the need to find a solution for problems that don’t exist for non skateboarders, or because the availabl

Rayne Rain Wheels – V2

Whether you’re at a race or just ripping runs with friends, wet and patchy road can be sketchy.  Fear the sketch no longer, this spring Rayne is prepared and has a limited time offering of rain whe