About Rayne Longboards

Quality | Progression | Authenticity



Rayne Longboards leads the industry in product design with consistent technological innovation and a passion to create functionally and aesthetically superior boards. Rayne works hard to exceed every expectation of our global customers.


We are obsessed with innovation. Our engineers, shapers, team, and artists work together to explore both the boundaries of longboard design and business improvement. We believe that our small world class company will continue to prosper if we pursue continuous improvement of our processes in manufacturing, engineering, and management.


We believe that exceptional products will create exceptional word-of-mouth advertising. All of our choices, from shapes, artwork and materials to staff and team riders, are based on building a unique prestigious brand. Our core expertise is manufacturing and product design.

About the Founder

Graham Buksa is the founding and owner of Rayne Longboards. Graham started the brand back in 2004 and pioneered many leading designs and the original bamboo fiberglass downhill longboard. Throughout his career he has managed Rayne, raced on the world cup circuit, and stood on many podiums for the Rayne downhill team. Graham continues to race, design, and pioneer new technology for Rayne products to keep the brand at the forefront of longboard progression.

About Our Name

The Rayne name was derived from two leading ideals. 

  • Reign: Control, Dominance, Pre-Eminent
  • Rain: Natural, Ecologically Friendly

The blend of the two forms of the word was accomplished by the brands unconventional spelling. The meaning derived from the two words accomplishes our core values and mission with our products and impact; to make the best products and to respect the environment while doing so. 

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